Thursday, June 19, 2008


Google Earth shot of the development that destroyed our
treehouse site, Simsbury, CT

We built a cool triple level treehouse when I was ten years old. We snuck down to the backlot boneyard of a neighbor and snitched a bunch of old lumber. We dragged the wood up a hill a few hundred yards away, and started construction. Safety was not a concern, but we built a pretty stout series of platforms. We spent the whole summer up there and no adults ever appeared. It was a blast. They bulldozed that site a few years later, and the folks who live in that development sitting above Stratton Brook have no idea what we once had in their backyards.

Here's what they're doing with treehouses today...

He has visions of a treehouse tucked up to 20 feet above the earth in the boughs of an oak. He sees a wooden clubhouse and a meandering ramp -- maybe 200 feet long -- that would delicately slope up to the leafy playland and make it accessible for all.