Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Doings in Connecticut-The Great Park Pursuit

I grew up in Connecticut next to Stratton Brook State Park. I was in that park all of the time, exploring, fishing, and even riding pre mountain bike "clunker" bikes on the many trails (in the early 70s). It was a significant place for me when I was a kid, as for my Mom, who would ride her bike 15 miles over Talcott Mountain from Hartford to go swimming there (back in the 1930s).

Connecticut has become a leader in the Children and Nature movement, thanks to the leadership of CT DEP Commissioner Gina McCarthy.

We have been fortunate enough at the NCTC to host Commissioner McCarthy a couple of times in the past year. Her talks are energetic and given with a lot of passion. She means business and her programs havedone what we are striving for--they connect kids and families with nature.

The Great Park Pursuit, a program she and her staff have developed in Connecticut is a great one, and is serving to get kids and their families out into Connecticut's fine state parks. Stratton Brook Park was included in the program.

You can learn more about what they are doing in Connecticut here .