Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year Briefs

Happy New Year.

We had fun skiing, too bad it was raining. Regardless, we got some good runs in and my daughter skied until she was nearly soaked.

Here's some recent happenings:

Some folks in Sacramento head out.

A columnist in Richmond rejects the campaign hype and joins the reality community.

The Navy helps rehabilitate a popular nature center in California.

and the Berkshire Eagle gets some reader response:
In no other issue of this column was the reader response as large as the one which appeared after this past December 2 article dealing with the disconnection of our youth with nature. All who corresponded agreed that there is a real problem. Several commented on how their dads took them out hunting, fishing or camping and got them interested in nature at a very young age, and their love for the outdoors never waned.