Friday, July 27, 2007

Trip to Pleasant Valley

So, you walk into that big Costco, and the first thing you see are twenty five different LCD and Plasma TVs, each blaring some football game or Tom Cruise action movie. Pretty cool picture, huh, and the future of television. There are folks that stick their new 60 inch plasma tv up on the wall of their media room, where they can sit in a reclining chair with optional cup holder installed and watch movies with 7.1 dolby all day and night long. As time goes forward, this will be a more familiar scene with many kids.

I'm heading up to Connecticut next week for a couple of days, and I'm not going to be interested in big plasma tvs. Instead, I can go one better, and head out to Pleasant Valley and watch a movie, with the windows open and a greasy burger in my hand.

Drive in theaters, once so prevalent are now relics of a by gone age, where we did more things outside. Just as with some summer camps, developers were hungry for the land, and made offers most drive-in owners could not refuse.

Yeah, I know that going to a drive in is not necessarily connecting people with nature, but I believe that getting out to the drive in, breathing the fresh air, smelling the greasy fries and the burgers grilling, and swatting some mosquitoes until you buy your Pick Mosquito coil is connecting with the outdoors, and is a great way to get kids out. While the speakers attached to your window are gone, replaced by FM radio signals, I guarantee a trip to Pleasant Valley will have your kids asking for more trips and you'll swear its 1965 or 1975 again.

So where are these places nowadays? Check out this site, which has a list of drive-ins across the country.