Monday, April 14, 2008

Text for Ignorance

Take the current state of disconnect between children and nature, add apparently carefully crafted bamboozles about climate change in a high school textbook, and you have the potential for whole generation of kids who would potentially ignore what's happening with our climate.

From at the New York Times:

Talk about a civics lesson: A high school senior has raised questions about political bias in a popular textbook on U.S. government, and legal scholars and top scientists say the teen’s criticism is well founded. They say “American Government,” by conservatives James Wilson and John DiIulio, presents a skewed view of topics from global warming to separation of church and state. The publisher now says it will review the book, as will the College Board, which oversees college-level advanced-placement courses used in high schools.

Matthew started the process rolling by contacting the Center for Inquiry, a nonprofit group in Amherst, N.Y., that says its goal is to defend reason and science. (A PDF version of its critique is online.)

Here's the link. Grist also posts on the issue. You read and decide.