Friday, April 11, 2008

Trip Planning

The Allagash River below Allagash Falls
Last May we took a great trip on the Upper St. John River in Maine. This year, we'll return to the same neck of the woods and do the Allagash Wilderness Waterway. The Allagash is a very different trip from the St. John, as there are lakes, portages, and dams to contend with, along with a wild character and beautiful sunsets.

I paddled the Allagash years ago, and I'm excited to get back and see this place again. Over the next few weeks I'll do some posts on the trip preparation and on the place.

I'm fortunate to be heading there with some pals who I've headed to wild places with many times in the past. To really spice things up for the trip, it helps that Pete Wallace and Rollin Thurlow build wood canvas canoes in Maine, and we'll again be paddling their boats. Here's one of the boats we'll be using--the Atkinson Traveler, a 17.5 foot work of art.