Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Kids and hunting

Hunting is a great way to connect children to nature.

We do a kids hunt every year at my workplace, it's a good program. That statement comes from a guy that has fished a lot but has never gone hunting. Funny thing is, I am a WV hunter Education instructor, and we have had a number of kids go through classes that we offer.

With the rise in suburbia, the populations of deer have skyrocketed as the number of hunters, and the number of acres open to hunting have plummeted. We've even seen the number of calls to end hunting (animal rights folks) slow, as the deer have started to impact our backyards and gardens.

To many folks who have not hunted forget that hunters were the ones that started the American Conservation movement, and they don't think that their kids would want to hunt. In many rural places, where school would have holidays to allow kids to hunt, are seeing the numbers of hunters plummet s their kids play on play stations and x-boxes instead of getting out in the woods.

Hopefully, we won't see an end to hunting in the next twenty years. Definitely the future depends on kids taking up the sport.

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