Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Outdoor Industry Leaders Talk

At the recent Outdoor Industries Show in SLC, a gathering of industry leaders looked at the issue of nature deficit. Outdoor Industries Association head Frank Hugelmeyer said:
"Imagine a time when children no longer play outdoors, when their laughter disappears from woods and fields, when they no longer know the wonder and joy of nature. For many children, that time is now."
Larry Selzer of The Conservation Fund also spoke of his efforts working with a wide range of folks to get kids reconnected.

As a former "mountain shop" gear/clothing buyer and manager, I have always been a big supporter of the outdoor industry, and it's great to see them taking a leadership role in figuring ways to get kids active. The Outdoor Industry Shows are great venues to spread the word and make more folks aware of the challenges we face.

Check out the Outdoor Industries Foundation website, which has a bunch of resources.