Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Many Perspectives

Orion Magazine is a wonderful magazine. Published by the Orion Society, the Magazine gives us a rare perspective on our relationship with the world that is not found in the mainstream media. Rich Louv published a piece in Orion back in the winter, and many people read it. Orion has a blog, and a diverse group of folks came together to talk about the article and the issue of children and nature. I haven't seen many other places where you can read so many experiences and perspectives on the issue. It really is worth having a cup of coffee and clicking through the comments. While there are many great entries, here's one that stood out for me, written by a person that runs a small place-based education center in Montana's Bitterroot Mountains.
"In my school, we have no plastic toys, no computer games, no super heroes and no desks. What we DO have is imagination with no boundaries, a garden, birds calls we call back to, picnics on the ground, a year round stream to fish from, ant hills to know what season we are approaching, cloud watching, torn jeans, and a love for every day. When we go to RECESS -- I open the door and watch them FLY!!"