Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Protect Them

Another good C&N article from the San Francisco Chronicle:

The wussification of American children is a relatively recent phenomenon, but a very real one. We pamper our kids, over-schedule them, overemphasize fairness in competition (the score ends in a tie ... again!) and keep them indoors too much, to the point that we're doing them a huge disservice. Kids aren't learning how to get hurt, lose, fend for themselves, find their balance and discover minor dangers on their own - all important parts of growing up.

"Parents and children must not be frightened about venturing outside," he told the London Times in a June article. "When children spend time in the great outdoors, getting muddy, getting wet, getting stung by nettles, they learn important lessons - what hurts, what is slippery, what you can trip over or fall from. We need to try to break down the perceived safety barriers to playing outside."

Certainly television had a lot to do with this situation. Health and safety stories, along with an opportunistic serial murder story is the local network affiliate's red meat for their dinner time news shows. Maybe the changing trends of what and how we watch TV will help loosen us up as a culture.