Thursday, October 11, 2007


The Teddy Project is not a program that gets kids out on the land directly, but it is an exciting example of engaging college kids in the history of conservation, the National Wildlife Refuge System, and conservation issues today.

Students from the Art Institutes, a system of 31 art schools across the country, work with a National Wildlife Refuge in their area to create a cartoon starring Teddy Roosevelt and Puddles the blue goose. The purpose is to engage kids in the wonders of the Refuge system and encourage them to get out and discover them. Thus far there have been a couple dozen short films made. You can see the newest Teddy Project cartoons at the American Conservation Film Festival in Shepherdstown WV, November 2-4.

The animation is done in different ways, from old fashioned frame by frame to the latest in digital 3D technology.

Check it out.