Saturday, May 24, 2008

Bamboozlers Ramp It Up

Vanity Fair has a good roll-up of the latest from George Will, who is still afraid that the "Dirty Hippies" are gonna take over the world with their eco-fascism, or is that eco-commies?.

George Will is far from the only middle-aged Boomer pundit who spends his time shadowboxing Dirty Hippies on the Washington Post editorial page, but his Thursday column is a doozy even by that genre’s dubious standards. Seems the Communist Greens, with their “hostility to markets” and contempt for individual freedom, have teamed up with Activist Judges yet again. They’re after America’s vital fluids!

Got new for ya George, 1968 was 40 years ago, grow up. The commie stuff is a little tired.