Friday, May 30, 2008

Regional Blogging

We once camped on Traverse Bay, it was a beautiful place. Here's a blog entry from the Traverse City Record Eagle that gives some good tips to getting outside in that neck of the woods.

Explore the boardwalks through the sedge meadows at the Grass River Natural Area. I know, I know - everybody knows about GRNA. However, I suspect there are those among you who have not yet been there. Go. Just do it. Your children will thank you. (OK, kids being kids, they may not thank you this week, but just wait - when they have kids of their own they will THANK YOU.)
Here's a statement from the Island Angler Blog in Florida, telling us what to do and why. It's our responsibility--Right on.

Children who spend time in nature are more likely to have pro-environmental attitudes as adults. Time spent in nature with an important adult often shapes a child’s long-term environmental ethic. If this nature deficit continues unabated, we may face a dearth of environmental leaders, professionals, and advocates as we try to conquer future environmental challenges like climate change. Mentoring is but our highest goal and must continue through volunteers and all who are of interest to our future and that of our children’s, children’s future!