Friday, May 2, 2008

A Little Hike

Not really. Check out this Wildebeat podcast that tells the story of a hike Mary Chambers, a ten year old, took with her parents. Actually a big hike, walking the 2,650 mile length of the Pacific Crest Trail.
When you're out hiking in the wilderness, it's definitely necessary to know some things. I think the most important thing, is how to find and purify your water, with a water filter. And another thing is definitely how to set up a tent and pitch a tent so you're safe from the rain and snow and mosquitos. But really, food is a really big issue, you know, what kind of foods are good for backpacking. What kind of foods won't spoil or be far too heavy. I guess food, water, and shelter are definitely the most important things when you're backpacking in the wilderness.
Read more in Mary's Mom's book on their journey, info here.