Friday, March 7, 2008

About that recent gathering in NYC

The bamboozlements continue. The denialism blog has some good thoughts on the recent denial gathering in New York.
Know what I mean? Global warming isn't being rejected because the science isn't sound. It's critics don't tend to be scientists, and the ones that are, well, let's just say they could have fooled me. The issue is the effective framing of the scientists and supporters of global warming as snooty liberals who want to tell you what to do and the media who want to scare you (they do have a point there). What is surprising is that how ineffective environmental groups have been at fighting this impression.
This winter in Virginia, the robins never left, the red-winged blackbirds came back six weeks early, and the peepers were out on the third of March. The daffodils were up last week and I've burned less than half the wood I used two and three winters ago. But now they're telling us the globe is cooling, and that a large number of capable scientists are hysterical quacks.

I think I'll trust the Nobel winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change instead of some so-called free market bamboozlers.