Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What We're Up Against

Came across this list recently. it's from last Fall, but well worth looking at to understand one man's thoughts (he's an advocate of technology) on how technology is swallowing up more and more of our daily lives.
2. Immersive experience
We have moved to 24” screens and 5 speaker sound as standard for gaming. This is just the beginning of what will become completely pervasive environments for media, entertainment, and participation. Video glasses will become commonplace ways of accessing immersive video wherever you roam. 3D TV without glasses is a reality and not far from commercialization. While 3D efforts using colored or polarizing glasses will continue for some time, the real future is in providing different images to each eye, as in Philips’ 3D TV initiatives. It will also be possible to generate realistic 3D images from 2D video. While Second Life already provides a quasi-3D environment, a couple of steps beyond is where we will use video glasses, gloves, and other immersive interfaces so that we will experience actually being there, rather than seeing ourselves in a virtual world. This is inevitable, the only question is when we will get there.

I'm not a Luddite, I wouldn't be blogging if I was. But I consider the ultimate immersive experience being out in nature with out technology.