Thursday, March 13, 2008

Fear 2

Someone sent me this link, a couple year old post on the fine blog The Left Coaster.

This is a progressive blog, and the post reflects those politics, but even when you put the politics aside, it shows the state of our media driven society and its emphasis on things that scare us.

And it hasn't gotten any better.

Fear, fear, terror alerts, fear of nature, fear of different colored people, fear of god's vengence, we seem to be a nation of frightened children. When you think about it, it goes back to the day the USSR exploded their own "Bomb."

As the years passed, we grew accustomed to the fear, welcomed it, nurtured it, reveled in it. We became addicted to fear as a familiar place, predictable, safe even, like a Stephen King wordfest.

Well, it's time to get off the drug America. As Louv notes, Researchers ... have discovered that children as young as five showed a significant reduction in the symptoms of attention-deficit disorder when they engaged with nature.