Saturday, March 22, 2008

Weekend Post

We live in a national historic district in a rural area of the Virginia Piedmont. There are wonderful vistas, dirt roads, large horse farms, neighbors driving carriages, low light pollution. This is the country that John Mosby rode and fought the Yankees, and we fought off a major development before the housing bubble made developments much more difficult. Being in the country there are few decent public utilities, such as water and sewer and good telephone lines. There is no cable television, nor will there ever be.

Which leads to our internet access. There are three choices: dial up, satellite and "wireless broadband" We use the later, and generally it works well. But the last week it has basically not worked well, and simple tasks such as blogging has been painful to accomplish. As I sat watching the load icon spin and spin and spin and spin, I realized that this week the kids are out of school, and that every time these problems seem to occur is when school is out. Hardly scientific, but it looks to me that all of the kids in this area whose parent use this wireless broadband are playing online games with their xboxes or pcs.

So, if I can upload this post, the blogging will get back on a regul;ar basis once the kids are back in school, or we get them outside playing again.