Thursday, January 3, 2008

Cold Runs

It's cold here today, but the forecast is for 60 by Sunday. It was a brown Christmas here in VA, although Connecticut, where I grew up had some snow cover, enough to sled on. We were relentless in our sledding and tobogganing as kids, and the climate back then allowed for 90% of our Christmas vacations to be white. I came across this column from Mississippi, and the writer's experiences are really similar to my own as a kid, although I did stay off the ice unless I was convinced it was thick enough. I wonder if the same is true with others?

Unlike too many of today’s kids, I spent my childhood out in the elements. I was free to play and roam and discover. There was certainly the risk of injury and all the other things parents worry about today, but such things didn’t concern us in the ‘70s — all to my benefit.