Friday, January 18, 2008


Thanks to Steel Valley Outdoors for making Children and Nature Journal their "Site of the Week".

Look, it’s simple: I’m selfish. I want to hunt and fish, hike and camp when I’m finally ready to retire. In order to do that, the space needs to be there and needs to be accessible. And I truly believe that if no one cares, if the next generation sees the natural world only as some weird and alien antiquity, kind of like Black and White movies, then it won’t be there for me.

Amen. Like the Energizer bunny, we need to be relentless in reminding folks that if we lose the connection, then all that we do today for nature will be in vain. Nature is part of our DNA, and to lose contact with it would leave a gap that all of the burgers, American Idol shows, and XBoxes can never fill.