Wednesday, January 23, 2008


We used to skate a lot on at a place called Great Pond, which would freeze over nicely and allow us to skate all over its 25 acre size. Especially fun was skating by full moon, you just did not need a light.
I continued my skating later, as a women's ice hockey coach ata boarding school. We would rag the young ladies out at 5:30 am every day to get them over to the rink. Despite the early hours and a mixed record, we all had a blast.

Here's a new article about getting kids out to skate in Philly.
"I'm always amazed at these kids who have no experience, who have such a good time with it and do so well," said Wilfoort, 48, of Emsworth. "They're like, 'What do you mean we have to get off the ice? We don't want to get off.' Then they discover there's music inside or they can roast marshmallows on a bonfire and they're on to the next thing."