Friday, January 11, 2008

A Trail to Every Classroom

I'm hoping to attend a briefing on this program today, delivered by high school students from Middletown, MD, working with the National Park Service and the ATC.
A Trail to Every Classroom (TTEC) is a three-season, multi-disciplinary professional development series for educators aimed at providing the inspiration, knowledge and skills to transform classroom teaching into effective and exciting place-based education.

Rich Louv says:
"The Trail to Every Classroom Progam engages young people in nature. It brings together Trail managers, teachers and children, allowing a safe pace to engage in physical exercise, explore nature, learn about the Trail as a natural and cultural resource, and collectively get their hands dirty. This is exactly the kind of program we need to see more of as a way to connect children to nature."

More here.

Update: The presentation was great. The kids have a blog that tracked their experience. See it here.