Monday, January 21, 2008

More Recent Press

On fishing, from Gainesville.
Last summer while hiking along the Suwannee River to take sturgeon pictures, I encountered a group of Boy Scouts from South Carolina who were 11 days downriver. They were canoeing downstream to the Gulf of Mexico, camping in tents on sandbars; it was a trip they won't forget.

At night, they lay in their tents just after dark, listening to jumping sturgeon. The previous night they reportedly counted 800 splashes before falling asleep. No cell phones were allowed to break the spell. Regrettably, they didn't have a catfish trotline. However, they were getting a good lesson in the harmony found in nature.


Stranger danger from Cleveland.
"We need to stop wringing our hands about kids and computer games," said Louv, "and take them outdoors. . . . Clevelanders are lucky to have a fine park system where they can take their children to explore the outdoors. When you get Johnny or Judy outside, it is going to help their development."