Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Houston and Open Space

The City of Houston has a proposal that would require developers to provide land for parks and open space as part of their development activities.

“This effort is important because parks have functions beyond generally improving the City. Parks and green spaces represent critically important environmental amenities; contact with nature is highly valued, and it offers a range of health benefits. In cities and towns, parks are the principal venue for regular public access to nature. Parks also offer settings for physical activity and social interaction. Most importantly, parks, green space and nature provide significant benefits to communities including: (1) economic; (2) developmental; (3) psychological; (4) air quality; and, (5) public health."
Good idea.

The Mayor of Houston is on The Conservation Fund's National Forum on Children and Nature.

Rich Louv will be in Houston to reinforce the benefits of doing this on October 2, 2007.