Friday, September 21, 2007

Media Round Up for a Friday

Here's some of the latest press on the topic of nature and children's health:

1) Go for a hike.

This article seems a bit naive to what kids face today, but its point is a good one, get out there with your kids.

Most children naturally love the outdoors. With the proper planning, hiking can be a way for you and your children to improve fitness levels while learning from one another about nature.
2) Junk Play Hurts Children

From the BBC:

"Just as the epidemic of childhood obesity recently took the developed world by surprise, too much 'junk play' could (like too much junk food) have alarming implications for the next generation."
3) From Canada, A Dose of Nature

Do you or does someone you know suffer from nature-deficit disorder? If so, there's a quick fix: head outdoors. And if you've got kids, take them by the hand and bring them along. After all, studies have shown that children are the ones most prone to this 21st-century malady, and most are in need of more free time to experience the wild magic of nature.
4) Get Outside

When I mentioned Take A Child Outside Week to my editor, she gave me the cocked-head look of a perplexed puppy. "We have to have a day set aside to take our kids outside?" she asked. "When I was a kid, it was 'Get out of the house day.' Every day was 'Get out of the house day.' "

5) Follow up Press on The California Outdoor Bill of Rights

As a child psychologist, some of Dr. Claude Arnett's best therapy isn't done in his office.

He takes a walk along the American River Parkway with his troubled charges. Most have never taken that kind of walk before. "We look at fish. We've seen turkeys and deer and rabbits," Arnett said.

"The children relax," he said. Healing begins.

Lots happening out there.