Monday, September 17, 2007

That Picture--Extra

So there we were, a thousand feet or so above the Sheenjek River, on the south slope of the Brooks Range in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. We stopped for a drink and to watch a grizzly bear that was reveling in the berry bounty on the flats near the river channel. I pulled out the camera and began snapping pictures, and saw Brad sitting there watching the bear.

Looked like a good shot, so I snapped it. Nikon camera, slow Fuji Velvia Film.

That damn picture ended up being the "magic image" that hack photographers like me never even think we'll figure out, let alone take.

Newspapers, websites, MSNBC, the cover of National Wildlife Refuge Magazine, The Hill, calls from Senate offices; and now, Delta Sky Magazine has it, along with a fine interview with The Conservation Fund's Larry Selzer. It has become an iconic image or Arctic Refuge. Wow.