Tuesday, September 11, 2007

More From Maine

Maine seems to be a NDD hotspot, with lots of press and stories coming out over the last several months.

Here's the latest, from the SunJournal.com paper.

"But what they lack is the ability to move and create games on their own," she said. "They're fine when there's an adult involved, telling everyone the rules. But they don't always know how to settle their squabbles on their own."

Tim Smith notices the same thing with his students at McMahon Elementary.

"Kids love to play these games, but they don't always know how to get started," he said. "But if a teacher walks out with a ball, they all gather around."

Hodgkin thinks that comes from kids not stepping away from an adult's gaze often enough. They miss out on opportunities to explore, scrape up their knees or get into fights with their friends."

Also in Maine, I came across this great story on taking kids hiking up Douglas Mountain near Sebago, Maine.