Sunday, September 2, 2007

Outdoors on Labor Day Weekend

We had a yard sale yesterday, and we were really lucky. After a long summer of hot, humid weather, Saturday brought us a bright, sunny, dry day with temps just below 80. It was great to be out without the humidity.

Lots of folks came through our sale, and at the end of the day, a family of four stopped in. Mom, Dad and two small children. They were on their way back from a day trip to Sky Meadow State Park, a few miles southwest of our village and they saw our sign pointing to Unison off the main road.

With the huge sprawl of eastern Loudoun County, with its soccer fields, miles of housing, pitiful little mitigation "parks", and big malls, it was really great to see a family that had spent the day outside in a state park, for the benefit of themselves and their children.

Ashby Gap, just north of Sky Meadow State Park

The SF Gate has a follow up commentary on California's Children's Outdoor Bill of Rights, which seems timely considering my observations on the family we met.

The Bill of Rights provides that every child between the ages of 4 and 14 should have opportunities to do the following:

1. Discover California's past. 2. Splash in water. 3. Play in a safe place. 4. Camp under the stars. 5. Explore nature. 6. Learn to swim. 7. Play on a team. 8. Follow a trail. 9. Catch a fish. 10. Celebrate his or her heritage.