Friday, September 21, 2007

Life's a Ball, TV Tonight!

Not to get too enmeshed in the anti TV movement, but here's an article from one of the big anti tv sites. Not good.

  • 26 percent of U.S. children watch four or more hours of television per day.
  • 67 percent of U.S. children watch two or more hours per day.
  • Almost half (48 percent) of all families with tweens have all four of the latest media staples: TV, VCR, video game equipment and a computer.
  • The bedroom of the 21st century child is a multimedia environment. Of children 9 - 13 years old, more than half (57 percent) have a TV in the bedroom; 39 percent have video game equipment; 30 percent have a VCR; 20 percent a computer and 11 percent Internet access."