Sunday, February 10, 2008

Discounting the Whole Issue

The whole issue of nature deficit has always been one that seems to cross political boundaries. Rarely have we seen opinion that rejects the issue.
Here's an oped piece written by a college student who is the oped editor of the Wilkes University Newspaper.
How would American children feel if their government forced them to play outside? How would they feel if after a long day of school and work American children were penalized by the government for playing video games and watching TV? How might American parents feel if the federal government implemented a special tax on televisions and video games in order to deter obesity and force their children to engage in more physical activity?
Perhaps the author should read up on the whole issue before making statements like "the government wants to tax you and force your kids to play outside". Discounting the issue of nature deficit is simply irresponsible and our kids and society deserve more. Anyways, read this guys thoughts and decide for yourself.