Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Podcasting Nature

We've written a bit in the past about using technology to get people back outside. Here's a link to an article from Pennsylvania where Wilkes College professor is creating short podcasts in lieu of tour books or trail guides.
Currently up on the iTunes website is a trail guide of "The Meadow," which is a natural area directly south of the Market Street Bridge.

"The Meadow has many grasses, herbs, and small shrubs and trees in it," said Rachel Curtis, a Wilkes biology major. "I mainly worked on podcasts concerning the plants that may be found in the natural area, but there's also a podcast describing the history of Kirby Park, which is very interesting."
This is being done in other places as well, and I must admit I'm not sure if it's a good thing or not. The Luddite in me says "hell no!" But, I trend toward calling it good right now because of the Gen Y connection with technology, but have yet to make a final decision for support.

The National Park Service is also doing this work at places Like Yellowstone and Grand Teton, to good effect.