Saturday, February 9, 2008

NH Wilds

The Appalachian Mountain Club sends out the word about their summer programs in the White Mountains. I credit a program similar to this building my excitement for things like backpacking and rock climbing when I was 13 or so.

It’s important for children to get into the outdoors, and the Appalachian Mountain Club has long been committed to helping young people do that. Nearly 10,000 youth each year are directly involved in outdoor activities through AMC’s a Mountain Classroom and Youth Opportunities Program. Another offering that’s especially popular with young people seeking to develop outdoor skills while spending time with their peers is Teen Wilderness Adventures.

The program provides teenagers with instruction in such outdoor skills as backpacking, rock-climbing and paddling as they also gain appreciation for the natural environment, build self-esteem and learn the value of teamwork.

I worked for the RMC rather than the AMC in the Whites, and used to have a little fun at the AMC's expense, but despite that, we think the AMC does a great job...