Friday, February 29, 2008

Klondike Derby

I grew up doing boy scout activities, a proud member of Troop 76 in Simsbury, Connecticut. One of the activities that we all looked forward to every year was the Klondike Derby, a competition, usually held in a wooded area of several hundred acres, where we were required to pull a large sled, filled with our camping gear, to various stations where we would have scoutcraft challenges presented to us. This was an all day thing that culminated with a winter camp out, and back then, in the middle of February, that meant cold weather. If the temps got below zero, we would get a "blue nose" patch to go with our Klondike Derby ribbon. beats the heck out of playing x-box all day. These types of experiences make long lasting ties to the outdoors.

Klondike Derbies are still going strong today. Here's a report on one in Minnesota.